The Scraper Factory

Does your business need to scrape hundreds of websites reliably and regularly, and are you spending too much on scraper devs, or are you frustrated with the bad quality of what's out there? You've come to the right place.The unique approach of our LLM-powered scraper factory — built by two guys with obsessive attention to detail — unlocks unparalleled possibilities in data quality, volume, and validation. Seriously, throw your problem at us and we'll tackle it. Send us an email at to the new era of scraping structured data from the web.A project by M-x B.V.

What we can do

To give you a better understanding of what we do, here are a few examples of the capabilities of our system:Press Release MonitoringStaying on top of industry trends and competitor moves across multiple websites is time-consuming and tedious, but important. Our targeted scraping system continuously monitors press releases from a curated list of industry websites, delivering a structured feed of updates straight to your inbox. With our powerful solution, you'll have the insights you need to make informed decisions and stay ahead of the curve.Vacancy Tracking for Talent AcquisitionFor recruitment agencies, being the first to know about new relevant job openings at potential customers is crucial. Our powerful scraping solution continuously monitors career pages and extracts relevant details the moment new vacancies go live. With instant notifications and a structured feed of job openings, you'll be able to match candidates and reach out faster than the competition. Say goodbye to missed opportunities and hello to improved placement rates.Rental Listings Market TrackerScraping rental listings from hundreds of websites, each with its own unique layout and data format, is a daunting task. Our AI-powered system generates custom scrapers for each rental listing site, ensuring that you get a comprehensive, real-time view of the market. We take care of the data cleaning and normalization, so you can focus on analyzing the insights. No more juggling fragmented data from multiple sources – just a unified, structured feed of rental listings.Custom Scraping NeedsHave a unique data extraction challenge that's slowing your business down? We'll deal with it. You only need to provide us with a list of websites and the specific data fields you require, and we'll take it from there. Our LLM-powered scraper factory will craft a custom solution to extract data at your desired interval, whether you need an API for fresh, structured data or seamless integration with your existing setup.No more settling for subpar data or breaking the bank on in-house scraper development. We're here to deliver reliable, high-quality results for all your data needs.Ready to unlock the power of web data and propel your business to new heights? Drop us an email at, and let's discuss your specific use case. Together, we can make it happen!

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